Titan 45©
The Titan 45©, made exclusively for MatCrafters customers is the industry's best 45oz matting product. The Titan 45© is superior to our competitors 65oz product with a lower price point and has a better warranty.


  • 45 ounce face weight
  • Needle punched, double lock berber pattern
  • Anti-slip backing
  • UV protected against discoloration
  • Longer wearing with the highest quality “asota” face fibers
  • Ideal for medium and heavy traffic areas
  • Holds up to .57 gallons of water per square yard
  • Easy to clean and maintain by vacuuming or extracting
  • Impervious to climate extremes
  • Stain, mildew and chemical resistant
  • Custom cut widths and lengths
  • Special safety edges available
  • Three year wear warranty
  • Available colors: Charcoal, Blue, Autumn and Brown

Color Options